RingMaster Feature: Erin Illidge

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The Majestic Circus team caught up with Erin to tall about what we love the most….. Majestic Circus.  In less than a year we have launched an online entertainment company that brings live experiences that are fun, energetic, and interactive straight to your home or workplace, quickly becoming one of the leading virtual employment engagement solutions in the industry. We provide virtual entertainment to keep your employees excited and engaged.  Our vision is to help industry leaders increase team productivity and overall performance through our unique games matrix. We want to bring the fun and excitement back into your workplace, and one of the people that does it best is Erin!

And here comes Erin……

Majestic Circus: Hey Erin, let’s start with an easy one, can you tell us a little about yourself…

Erin: I am originally from Montreal Canada and have been traveling around for the past for years  entertaining and bringing joy to hundreds of people, my true passion.  I am super bubbly and love entertaining and making people laugh.

MC: You have been a RingMaster with us since day one, and regularly host a lot of our corporate Experiences, what makes these different from the Experiences we see on the website?

E: The main difference between a regular event and a corporate event is that my participants are NOT used to unmuting, turning on their cameras and having a good time.  My participants are used to logging into zoom for a 9 am meeting to discuss business as opposed to having a good time and sharing a laugh.  The best part about hosting corporate events is that I can break the ice and take people out of their corporate shell and watch them connect and have a great time with their colleagues.

MC: Have you hosted a company during a Majestic Circus Corporate Experience that stood out, if so why?

E: Definitely! I would say the company that stands out the most would be Multilearning!  I ended up hosting a holiday corporate experience for them in December and they included every employee in the experience, it was hectic!  This experience was interesting because this company offers virtual events catering to medical and scientific associations across the world, so let’s say that they know a thing or two about hosting events online.  The pressure was definitely on… Not only did I have to break the habit of them constantly muting/turning their cameras off but also had to manage the insane amount of participants joining last minute.  The best part about this experience was the fact that they had an amazing time!  Sometimes being on the other side of the camera is great, and in this case it was.  The amount of jokes, laughs and fun that they had was refreshing.

MC:  What are some of the benefits of a company planning a virtual team building experience?

 E: Reconnecting with colleagues, Live entertainment hosted by professionals from the comfort of your home, Affordable & Engaging

MC:  Why is Majestic Circus so popular for virtual team building?

E: There are other virtual platforms that offer virtual team building activities but MC is the only company offering live gaming experiences hosted by professional entertainers.  All of our Ringmasters offer a different experience based on their personalities and skills that all share one thing in common… FUN.

MC:  What advice would you have for someone looking to plan an event for their team?

E: The number one advice I would give to someone who is looking to plan an event for their team would be to make sure their team has fun.  Keep in mind that a lot of people are lacking that live interaction experience, and that is exactly what MC offers, with an extra fun twist.

MC: What are the best Experiences for large teams to play and how does that work?

E: In my opinion, the best experience to book for a large team would be Know It!  Whether you have a group of 75 people to a group of 200 people, Know It! will keep everyone engaged and having fun the entire time.  Know It! will test your useless information knowledge, puzzle solving ability, and the occasional song lyric.  As I said before, Know It! will keep everyone engaged and having fun by grouping people together and selecting a team captain.  The team captain will then have to consult with his/her teammates to lock in that final answer.

MC: Have you ever hosted corporate experiences in which you have teams in different time zones?

E: Yes! We have hosted participants from different parts of the world. We had events where certain teammates were located on a different continent.  But that is exactly what MC represents, reconnecting colleagues, friends, and family members no matter where they are in the world.

MC: What type of companies are the corporate experiences for?

E: Our corporate experiences are for any company that is looking for live entertainment experiences.  I have hosted corporate events from all sorts of different backgrounds, anywhere from tech companies to dairy companies from all over the world.

MC: During the last 12 months throughout the world people have made a “Zoom mistake” – can you share with us one of yours?

E: Considering we have all been working at home for the past year, most of us have adapted to this new home office lifestyle…except our animals.  My “zoom mistake” was assuming that my dog understood the zoom etiquette.  For the most part, your family/roommates would generally keep it down and not bother you during a zoom meeting… not my dog.  Even though I would feed, walk and entertain my dog before hosting an event, I would say half the amount of time she is next to me (out of camera) begging for attention.

Well now that you have met Erin you know that she would be a great RingMaster to book with.  She is ready to have a great time with you and your group.  What are you waiting for?

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