Founder Feature: Kevin Noonan

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So it has been a crazy year for everyone.  Everyone has been dealing with lots of changes to their every day lives both on the personal and professional side.  Now that Majestic Circus has turned 1 year old today it is time to catch up with one of the Founders of Majestic Circus to see how the journey has been so far and where he thinks the Circus can go from here.  Kevin Noonan is known by just his last name by most of his friends so we as we are so close with him we will call him Noonan as well.

And here comes Noonan……

Majestic Circus: Hey Noonan, Tell us a little about yourself…

Kevin Noonan: Hey, I would love to, but could you call me Kevin please?

MC: LOL, ok, let’s start over.  Hey Kevin, Tell us a little about yourself…

KN:  I was kidding, you can call me anything you want.  So where to begin.  I spent most of my adult life at Sea working for an amazing company you may have heard of called Carnival Cruise Lines.   But let’s go further back then then.  I was born in a small WNY town called Batavia, NY.  It was a really great town to grow up in.  I have 3 brothers that are spread across the world and we are al in VERY different lines of work, we could spend an hour on just this part so I will move on quickly.  After graduation High School I went to University of New Hampshire before heading to sea where I made my passion for entertaining into a career, met the love of my life (my wife Gemma) and got to work with, for and alongside a lot of the talented people that became RingMasters and helped Majestic Circus become what it is today.  I am currently living in my home town again with my wife, my son Jaxon and my Daughter (currently known as Button) is due right around Christmas Day (very convenient).

MC: You had the original idea for Majestic Circus, a year after the launch how are you feeling?

KN: Proud.  Just super proud, of what we have achieved and excited about what is to come.  Every day we are taking on new exciting projects with new exciting partners.  We started as a group of out of work entertainers with a fun idea to connect people in a time when that was really hard to do.  Now we have so many fun and secret projects going on behind the scenes that I can not wait to tell everyone about. 

MC: Creating an online business during a global pandemic is no small task, can you tell us a bit about the Journey of Majestic Circus from your initial idea to where you are today?

KN: Yes.  It was definitely interesting to start a business in April 2020.  Deep down I really just believe that if there was ever a moment that people needed to have fun, it was in the middle of a once in a century pandemic.  People were starving for interaction.  I am a firm believer in the power of live entertainment, no pandemic was stopping the importance of entertainment and the healing power of laughter.  One of my main driving forces behind creating Majestic Circus was that I had so many friends from Cruises that were out of work for almost a year.  I thought I had a way to keep entertainers doing what they love and entertaining!  I just needed to connect them with an audience and they would take it from there.

MC: Why do you think Majestic Circus has been so popular?

KN: Well #1 it is that we are VERY unique, and hosted live by talented entertainers.  Though our uniqueness is one of the great things about Majestic Circus it is also a curse.  Sometimes I feel like we are selling iPhones in 1980.  No one understands it lol.  Remote team building events and specifically live entertainment over a video streaming provider (we use  is very new and though we have a 100% satisfaction rate after 12 months of operation we still put lots of effort into finding new clients, so don’t be afraid to help us out and tell EVERYONE!  We love a referral 🙂

MC: Who is Majestic Circus for, and what are the benefits??

KN:  So we always answer this question the same way, our events are not just for any body, they are for EVERYBODY.  In our corporate events we find that sometimes the loudest and funniest players are, the quietest ones in their team or families.

MC: Majestic Circus is very popular with corporate teams looking for virtual team building, after hosting many companies over the last year do any of them stand out and why?

KN: Every event is special in it’s own way. I would hate to name them by name but we had one group that played Get it! with 200+ participants in 50 different locations, It was the most organized mayhem of any event we have hosted to date – That was a lot of fun! We also hosted a themed school event for a grade school near Harvard, which was very well received. We are proud to have been trusted by big corporate companies like Capital One, Expedia, Starbucks, Accenture, and Liberty Mutual to engage and entertain their teams.

MC: The team at Majestic Circus has an array of talents, how do you plan to utilize these in the future?

KN:  Well as I hinted at above we are already working on tons of new things behind the scenes.  As we grow I know there is a lot we can do in consulting for hotels, resorts, casinos, river boats and cruise ships, and building entertainment experiences and events for anyone looking to provide fun for their clients/guests.  We want to become, (Well we will become) the go to Entertainment company for various needs.

MC: Where do you see Majestic Circus in five years time?

KN: Oh boy, the sky’s the limit.  I am excited just thinking about it.  I hope, I mean I think, I mean I know we will be known as the company leading the way in virtual entertainment and cutting edge live experiences.  As much fun as it is to host events for people we like to build events for companies even more.  Jake, James and I are all determined to keep growing every year and making this into the one stop shop for fun.  

MC: As a founder of Majestic Circus, what are you most proud of?

KN: Well it is probably a cop out but I am proud of the ability of the team to find an audience again.  I have also been able to reconnect with so many friends that I have worked with over my 25 years in entertainment.  I love being able to keep entertainers entertaining, I am a  true believer believing in the power of live entertainment no matter what…

Lets talk again in a year 😉

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