HOLIDAY Know It! – The First Know-El

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It’s time for you to show everyone that you are the champion of all things festive with MC’s Know It! Holiday Edition – The First Know-el! Get in the holiday spirit and play with us! All the awesome categories, just holi-dized…(we aren’t sure that’s a word either). So sing along, reminisce about your favorite toy and share in the warmth of the season with this experience!I
 With categories like Picture This, Singing Gibberish and Go Figure anyone can win, and anything is possible! Get yourself comfortable and ready for laughs, surprises and you might even learn something! In this 60-minute live knowledge-based experience, players will compete in a series of games across four rounds.
There will be 4 rounds to navigate and any topic is on the table, but that doesn’t mean the person with the most knowledge will emerge victorious. PICK IT or STICK IT rounds could make your points plummet or skyrocket. It’s a gamble! Remember to think strategically throughout the game.


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