Learning Kickstarter: Exploring and Supporting Unique Games

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Introduction: In our quest to launch a Kickstarter game, we spent a ton of time on the kickstarter site. While doing our own research there were several games that caught our eye that we just had to back. We also noticed a scarcity of pure trivia-style games, which happens to be a specialty of Majestic Circus. Over the past few years, we have created trivia packages for Cruise Lines and Resorts, including Celebrity Cruises and Hawks Cay Resort in South Florida (the Keys).

Game Development and Kickstarter: We have three different games in mind, all based on games we’ve been playing for the past three years. However, after researching Kickstarter and Indiegogo, we found that experts suggest starting with a simple and easy project. So, we temporarily set aside two of our beloved games and focused on creating a brand new game concept. Along the way, we began studying live campaigns to learn how pages are structured and how communication and updates are timed.

Our Supported Games: Jake and I ventured onto Kickstarter to support exciting-looking games and explore their campaigns. We want to share the six games we’re currently supporting, and we would love suggestions in the comments for other games to check out.

Please note that we are not affiliated with any of these games, and we recommend conducting your own research before making any decisions.

  • Board Game the Card Game: “Is it a card game that’s played like a board game or a board game that’s played like a card game? Find out for yourself by playing now!” We backed this project and even reached out to the Kyouma Games team. Although the campaign was unsuccessful, we hope to meet them at Gen Con next month.

  • Shut Up, Cat! Board Game: A push-your-luck dice allocation game where players compete to get a full night’s sleep, despite a very noisy night-time cat. While we don’t know much about it, we supported it on day one and are eager to see where it goes.

  • Rise of the Gummies: A hybrid card game that brings your deck to life! We were intrigued by the combination of a card deck interacting with an app on a tablet or phone. This campaign was successful, and we can’t wait to play it. The creators provide excellent updates, emphasizing the importance of communication on Kickstarter.

  • Gem Hunt: A retro adventure board game with countless twists & turns for incredible replayability! The tagline alone drew us in, as we also prioritize replay-ability in our games. We admire their laser focus on this aspect.

  • Royal Builders: Build the kingdom from scratch in this roll and write game. Gather resources to construct buildings in this print and play board game. We were captivated by the concept of a print and play game and look forward to playing it next week when the files become available.

  • Stack it Kitten – Relaunch: “When the floor is lava, but lava is actually water, and you are a cat!” This project had a successful relaunch, which caught our attention. Although we supported it with just $1, we are excited to experience the differences between a relaunch campaign and a regular campaign.

Our Kickstarter Profile and Support: These are the projects we currently back, and we’ve already had the opportunity to exchange messages with some creators, which was a pleasant surprise. We’re eager to discover more amazing projects to support, so please share your recommendations in the comments.

To explore more about the projects we’ve backed, visit our Kickstarter profile HERE.

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Thank you for joining us as we learn the ropes of Kickstarter and explore the vibrant world of unique games!

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