The RingMasters

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Engaging Hosts

From all over the world, each RingMaster has a unique and remarkable personality that will engage personally with your group. Each one is passionate about providing the best entertainment experience and has hosted millions of people. They are the real deal, and I cannot wait to meet you!

The best part is that you can meet them all and have a new experience each time. You can choose your RingMaster or have them randomly selected for you. But no matter who it is, it is a guaranteed epic time with a ton of laughs, surprises, and maybe even some killer dance moves…who knows?!

Want to Join Us?

Have you always loved to host and entertain? Are you just a born performer that loves creating memories and awesome experiences for all? Majestic Circus is always looking for amazing entertainment hosts to join our circus! We love to hear more about you and how you want to be a RingMaster! Click the link below and fill out the questionnaire, and someone from the circus will reach out!

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